Misty in Rancho La Brea

Misty on Monday and on Community On Monday, March 13, I woke up tired. I had a weekend of advocacy where I pushed for more solar panels in CA and worked with friends fighting for public education. Both are a heavy lift, which I am up to do. But when I woke up on Monday, […]

9/11 in Rancho Land

On the morning of September 11, 2001, my husband Charlie and I were in our home in Rancho La Brea.  While we slept, two planes left Logan airport in Boston and one plane left Dulles in DC, all three were bound for Rancho Sausal Redondo.   Around the same time, a Boeing 757 took off from Newark with […]

Rancho KinDNESS

Up to this point, all my posts on Rancho Land pivot between what was then and what is now and are replete with interior hyperlinks connecting to additional research.    That is not the case with this story.   It is not steeped in history. There are no links to additional research.   However, it does tap into something that […]

Park La BREA – finding the sticky

Last week I took two trips to Park La Brea.  I visited friends and I saw the memorial for Jose Tomas Mejia who was killed June 16 at the complex.  Whenever I enter Park La Brea, I am awash with strong feelings. It is hard to navigate the roads and walkways without bumping into ghost memories that come from […]

Of fruit and masks and opening up in rancho land June 15, 2021

Today at midnight California lifted all covid related restrictions.   I went out into the world and did errands and for the first time since March of 2020 I went out knowing I could do it without a mask.   It was an odd mixture of excitement and strangeness to not wear the mask.  I realized today was the perfect […]


When my family and I decided to foster a new set of kittens, I reached out to one of my favorite cat rescue groups, Kitt Crusaders.    Susan at Kitt Crusaders hooked me up with a young woman whose family found two kittens left in a box next to a dumpster.  She already had her hands full with […]

Planting a flag at a Rancho

I’ve driven by the National Cemetery in Westwood more times than I can count but I’ve only visited it once and that was fifteen years ago on Memorial Day.   After my husband Charlie and our son had spent the day at the beach and on the way back home  I asked that we stop at the cemetery, […]

Rancho: BLM

Last year, on May 30th my son and I walked to Pan Pacific Park to attend a BLM rally.    Five days earlier, George Floyd an African American man was killed by police in Minneapolis.    George Floyd’s last moments on Earth were recorded by  Darnelle Fraizer, a 17-year-old African American high school junior who happened to walk past the arrest […]

Rocha’s Rancho La Brea

Rancho La Brea was formed in 1828 when Antonio Jose Rocha was deeded land from Mexico by the alcalde (mayor of sorts) in Los Angeles.    Rocha was the first documented  Portuguese settler in Los Angeles who in 1815 deserted The Columbia, a schooner at port in  Monterey,  filled with fur bound for Asia.  He and the nine other sailors who deserted […]

finding Ranchos

Since 1980,  I have lived in four residences in Los Angeles, and all have been in one rancho.   My adult life has been in Rancho La Brea except for a brief period in 1990s when I lived in NYC, which had it been colonized by Spain and not the Dutch, would have no doubt had its own […]


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